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About Us

Welcome to Pitanga Yarns! We are family based online store in Canada and we are very proud and pleased to join the wonderful knitting community. 
All our products are original, comes from official distributors in Canada and US.

We at Pitanga Yarns are all proud knitters, our entire family has been knitting for more than five generations. Whether you  are a beginner, intermediate or advanced knitter you know how much fun, pleasurable and addictive knitting can become. Knitting is well known in many cultures for it's therapeutic abilities as well and it's also known as a great practice for keeping the mind sharp and the soul at peace. Knitting's creativity is fantastic for children of all ages, it improves their fine motor skills as well as improving their ability to learn all subjects in school. 

On our online store we've made it easy to find any knitting supplies you wish, we have a wide selection of yarns, needles and accessories.

Pitanga Yarns is in the process of aquiring the very best products we know our customers will love. 
We always open to customer requests, if we don't have something in store, please let us know and we can attempt to get it for you.  We always welcome customer feedback, tips and or suggestions regarding our online store.
You can also find us on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Ravelry.
We love you our amazing customers and wish you enjoyable knitting forever and always!